Friday, 25 January 2013

Photoshop in photography

Photoshop is the digital photographers 'darkroom'! It gives you a world of possibilities with your images, From making minor adjustments with contrast or cropping to creating dramatic colour enhancements, it has become a valuable piece of software for media organisations across the world.

How do you open a file in Photoshop?
You click 'File' and then click 'Open..' in the drop down bar

How do you crop the image?
On the tool bar to the far left of the screen, there is a 'Crop Tool' which is the forth one from the top. You click that to highlight the area you want to crop and press the 'Enter' key to select it

What is the difference between orignial Ratio and Unconstrained?
Original Ratio is determined by the camera what resolution it would be and what the size will be

How do you turn an image into black and white?
To turn an image into black and white, you select 'Image' at the top near 'File' and then click 'Adjustments..' in the drop down bar, which will then show another drop down bar with different effect options. You click 'Black & White'. For a shortcut, you can press on the keyboard 'Alt+Sift+Ctrl+B'

What is a JPEG?
A JPEG is a format for compressing images

What is resolution?
An image resolution describes the detail an image holds. This applies to digital images, film images, and other types of images. For instance, the higher the resolution, the more detail in an image

Getting the levels right on your photographs can make the difference between a bland shot and a dynamic one!

Where do you find levels on Photoshop?
You go to 'Image' and then click 'Adjustments..' in the drop down bar. It'll then show another drop down bar where you can select 'Levels'

What is a histogram?
A histogram measure the amount of light and darkness in an image and allows you to change it. You can also use a tool effect called 'Curves'.





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