Friday, 15 February 2013

Subject Terminology

Hard light - Produces crisp dark shadows with high contrast

Soft light - Produces gentle mid-tone shadows of low contrast

Colour connotation - The feeling a colour gives us

Symmetry - A way to balance an image

Composition - The arrangement of elements in a shot which make it interesting to look at

Key light - Main source of light

Umbrella flash - Diffusing light (white), reflecting/bouncing light (black)

Rule of Thirds - A way to balance the picture and give you interesting shots

Photoshop - Digital photographers 'darkroom', being able to adjust and adapt photos

DPI - Dots per inch, a measure of the resolution of printers, scanners, etc

Unconstrained - You can have it any resolution size you want

JPEG - A format fr compressing images

Contrast - Difference between the lights and darks of an image

Depth of field - The difference between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera.
There are 3 things which can change the depth of field:

  1. the aperture
  2. the focal length of lens used
  3. how near the subject focused on is to the camera
  4. aperture is measured in F numbers. (larger the F number, 
White balance - A control or system for adjusting the colour balance

Negative space - The space around and between the subjects of an image

Abstract - No structure, more creative and imaginative elements

Representational - Representing an image with feeling and representing another image (how an image portrays a person and the feeling)

Exposure - The amount of light that goes onto the sensor for area unit

Histogram - Measures the amount of light and darkness in an image and allows you to change it

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